There’s a need

Reed A. Cartwright has a post up at Panda’s Thumb and at his blog talking about the landmark documentary released earlier this year.

The film Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus ( now has a distributor, Documentary Educational Resources. Institutions, like libraries and universities, can now buy a copy for $345. It includes the public performance rights that educational institutions need.

I suggest that if you get enough people together, you can buy a copy, watch it, and then donate it to your local library.

Check with your library first to make sure that they will accept the DVDs. Libraries can’t accept home consumer DVDs because libraries need to purchase public performance rights, which home DVDs don’t have.—Too bad for all those evangelicals that bought The Passion to donate to public schools.—However, this DVD comes with the public performance rights; although, they may not transfer.

He recommends getting people together to purchase the DVD and donating it to your local library. I’d like make a different suggestion. Ask your pastor at your local church if you can make an announcement after mass. I’ll just quote another luminary in the battle of science against ID-iots.

I said there is a need, if you want to donate that’s fine.

Of course that quote comes from the testimony of William Buckingham, the Dover school board member who ‘donated’ fifty copies of ‘Of Pandas and People’ to the public high school in Pennsylvania after taking a collection at his church. He also pushed through the ID-friendly curriculum change that put that small town on a rather dubious map and made Kitzmiller a household name. He was also specifically tattled by Judge Jones in the ruling for lying about buying the books during his deposition. (But he didn’t lie about people so that’s OK before the eyes of God Designer – if not the American justice system.)

He was asking for money to buy ‘Pandas’, perhaps this would be a nice time to return the favor.

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