To paraphrase the song, just a thought before I start, to whom it may concern…

Why eclectics anonymous?

If I manage to keep posting, some of my interests will quickly become apparent. History, science, cute animals, stupid people stuff, politics, how politics work, how people work, how stuff works, cults, religion, poker. I spend some time thinking about just about everything. There is little that doesn’t interest me.

Is there anything that doesn’t interest me?

Why yes, glad you asked. The name or incarnation of the current bubblegum, pop culture icon (think Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, is there a boy version of these? See what I mean). Whatever clothing style is currently in fashion. Shopping of any kind.

Why am I starting this?

Several reasons. I have too many interests and want a place to try and organize my thoughts. I also have gotten out of the habit of writing in English. I would really like to reawaken that skill (if it was ever there to be awoken.)

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  1. Charles on

    Hey, great blog…interesting stuff. I’ve got a couple questions – any chance you could shoot me an e-mail?

    Thanks in advance

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