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Not a-Mused

I am having trouble finding something to write about. Everything I look at either seems trivial or depresses me to the point of inactivity.

Take for example the most current entry in Bagdad Burning by River. She is a twenty-something middle class Iraqi blogging from one of the hotspots in the insurrection. She puts a face on the violence, understanding both the American soldiers and hating them for what they are doing to her country. I couldn’t read much simply because it was too difficult.

You could watch the Frontline episode ‘The Lost Year In Iraq’ in case you missed the original broadcast. Summarizing the information from Assassins Gate, Cobra II and Fiasco, the show really doesn’t add anything new. But for those who haven’t read those books, you soon see how bad the administration has fumbled the GWOT-ball. It also makes an excellent bookend to the entries in Bagdad Burning.

I could point you to the case of a twenty-year teacher fired for mentioning peace in her classroom; fired because one student found it necessary to complain about her mentioning peaceful alternatives to the war. It would be interesting know more about both sides of the issue. Did she preach for peace (would that have been so bad?) but have or did she simply try to paint some gray in a world of black and white? At the same time, her son will be sent to Afghanistan. I can really understand her mother’s concern about her son, trained as a nuclear engineer in the Navy, volunteering to do duty doing something. I’m sure the Navy has lots of uses for nuclear engineers in a country without reactors. (Hat Tip: BlondeSense)

Or for those flu suffering ferret fans, I’d  point them to Cocktail Party Physics. An excellent entry in an excellent blog by Jennifer Ouellette making the connection between the flu, gene sequencing and ferrets. She shows how little I know and how badly I write.

Thus, just as the green color seems to be abandoning the leaves, my muse is deserting me. I’ll try to find something interesting or funny to write about. But at the moment, I am not a-mused.