Vengeance Is Mine

Wow, what a day for Republican-dishonesty tie-ins. According to WFTV, the Republican Congressman Tom Feeney made a minor Fo’ Paw faux pas during his campaign in Florida.

Over the past week, more than 100,000 Central Floridians opened their mailboxes and pulled out the flyer and not all of them were thrilled by what they read.

The mailing features congressional candidate Clint Curtis’s head superimposed on what’s supposed to be the body of Playboy magazine publisher Hugh Heffner. It went out to 110,000 voters across Central Florida, including Dina from New Smyrna Beach.

It might have passed Mr. Feeney’s attention that a. Hugh Heffner is not Larry Flint (big difference) and b. financial supporters don’t necessary reflect the ideas and goals of the candidate. But then again Mr. Feeney managed to improve his golf game in Scotland funded by someone named Abramoff so he might think differently.

But why is Mr Feeney getting flack for this mailing malfeasance? It’s obviously God’s The Designer’s will. The Bible says  ’you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.’ (Exodus 20:16). Maybe Mr. Feeney felt he could pull off this stunt because he doesn’t live right next door to the Democratic candidate Clint Curtis, i.e. not a neighbor – not a problem.

That’s not the way it works Mr Meeney. This stunt has backfired according to WFTV

But it all left a bad taste in Dina’s mouth. Not only had she never heard Curtis’s claims, she also had no idea who her congressman even was. Now she does and she isn’t impressed.

“How about sending what a politician can do for someone and what you stand for, because now all I have is negative thoughts that stick in my head because of what I read,” she said.

God’s Designer’s will be done. Good luck Mr Curtis.

Hat Tip: Liz/BlondSense

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