Curse you Skepchick

Skepchick posted a list of alternative women for those geeks whose fantasy was crushed by the fact that Lonely15 wasn’t what she seemed to be.  One of those alternatives was Eugenie Scott . I’ve never met Ms Scott, but everything of hers I’ve read or anything I’ve heard from or about her has been pretty impressive. I must have a real respect for her.

At least that’s the most harmless explanation I can come up with for my dream last night.

I had this really weird dream that I was in ancient Greece. Eugenie Scott and Barbara Forrest were sitting on pedestals (yes, pedestals. I know *hangs head in shame*), dressed in the standard pseudo-Greco garb found only in Italian sword and sandal films from the 1960’s and both were telling stories about creationist stupidities. I was sitting like an ancient philosophy student in the dust at their feet absorbing the knowledge of my elders. Now I am followed by this feeling I ought to be out verbally abusing a creationist while wearing sandals.

How did this creep into my (un-)conscious mind. I blame Skepchick!

Fade to black, Fade in to view through iron wrought gate of old, ominous building. Black storm clouds darken the sky in background. It is very windy, leaves blowing across the weed-covered drive.

Pan up to show the word ASYLUM worked into the stone arch over the gate.

The camera recedes into the sky, remaining focused on the building, showing it to be on a wind swept cliff next to an iron colored sea.

Voice from off (with reverb): Curse you skepchick!
Lightning flashes followed immediately by thunder clap. Roll credits.

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