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Snakes on a plain

While some Canadians seem to have overdone the Homeland protection bit, others haven’t lost their sense of humor.


Snakes on a plain indeed, in Alberta no less.


Hat tip: DefenseTech


Just a Minor Glitch on the Reality Radar

Does anyone remember why America claims to be such a great country? Wasn’t keeping people from government excesses one of the reasons claimed for the American Revolution.

The Washington Post has an article about a Canadian victim of rendition. His story reads even worse than that of Khaled Masri, the German citizen taken to a secret prison for 5 months. Wasn’t protecting someone from arrest without evidence one of the pillars of American justice? Oh! Maher Arar, the Canadian citizen of Lebanese decent wasn’t arrested, he was “secretly spirited [suspects] to foreign countries for interrogation by often brutal methods.”

Military tribuals Show trials and secret prisons gulags were also something said only to exist under communist dictatorships. That’s what I was taught by my über-patriotic history teachers in high school.

At least it’s good to know that our Canadian friends also got in the act, seeing the spectre of terrorism in foreign nationals, winning brownie points with the American government.

There is no real compensation either the Canadian nor the American governments can give this man. Will he ever be able feel safe while travelling through the US? Do you? I’m sure the government attorneys on both sides of the border will fall all over themselves limiting the damage and claiming national security issues to avoid paying appropriate reparations.

Is this what patriotism means? Is this the price for feeling safe? Are these just people simply issues to be dealt with, glitches on an otherwise clear reality radar?