Extreme Wheelbarrowing Quote of the Day…

And just in case you didn’t get enough extreme wheelbarrowing from the first video, how about some synchronized extreme wheelbarrowing set to “Come on Eileen.” It’s like experiencing hell before you even get there.

Go here for the original post and videos.

Somehow, I think this would be a wonderful sport for the teenagers in small rural communities, especially in North American states. Towns like – say – Bemidji.

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  1. Teresa on


    Nah, it’d never catch on in Bemidji. It takes WAAAYYY too much gumption.

    And there’s no engine.

    And the only chance of personal injury is if you screw up and hurt yourself…so lot’s of risk of shame with no real opportunity for glory.

    ‘course, you MIGHT have something if you could call it “battlebarrows” and have it be some sort of team combat with the wheelbarrows as weapons.

  2. blc303 on

    Oh! What a cool idea.

    You attach chain saws to the front of the Battlebarrow and have to armor it. And you only do it at night so you can see the sparks fly better.

    See. It takes a native to come up with the really good ideas.

  3. Teresa on

    “And you only do it at night so you can see the sparks fly better.”

    And so that it takes longer for the poeple who own the parking lot you are using to complain to the police.

    I know my people.

  4. blc303 on


    Just think of the YouTube videos. Wow!

  5. Teresa on

    They would, of course, be set to the music of Men Without Hats.

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