And I Thought I Was a Nice Guy

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

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I am so hopelessly in trouble now! First the squamata skeptic comment, now this. 😉

Sorry Trees.

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  1. Teresa on

    What??!!! NOWAY!!! I’m lot’s and lots more “R” rated than you!!! My blog has TONS of bad language, and violence! Don’t forget the sweet, sweet, violence!!!


    there is something seriously wrong here.

  2. C. L. Hanson on

    Ha, I got an R rating too!!!

    I mostly earned it by talking about death, but mentioning gay people and sex didn’t hurt.

    It looks like rating system only checks what’s currently up on this first page — it doesn’t go through all of the archives. Too bad, I might have earned an NC-17 or an X 😉

  3. blc303 on



    Face it. Perhaps the people who wrote the algorithm were squids and want to lure innocent children into your squishy domain, boneless, hopeless, soulless… 😉

    Or maybe they were just lazy. (I would have done a Google search and looked at the number of responses. Much easier way to do the check. But what do I know?)

    I only got mine for death, suicide and by giving “bitch” an honorable mention. You’d think I was a Goth. Wait a minute! I am all dressed in black this morning and I do have a pasty white complexion. Maybe I am a Goth and didn’t know it! Hmmm.

    I suspect you got an R simply because of the evil stories told about sheep turned to statuary and water sprite invading a city in France. Enough to give me shivers. 😉

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