Raping the Language

Dahlia Lithwick has a story up at Slate about a Judge in Nebraska who banned the word “rape” from a – um – rape trial. He of course didn’t stop there, “sexual assault” also got nixed.

I’m not even going to comment. Just go read the story. Original less snarky news coverage here.

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  1. Teresa on

    And people wonder why victims tend to not report rapes.

    What the hell? Now the victim goes through the humiliation of evidence collection, the automatic assumption that she is lying, and overcomes the personal aversion to confronting what she’s been through, and she can’t even stand up in her day in court and give her testimony?


  2. blc303 on

    The guy looks like a real scum. According to the news reports this would be the third time he has gotten off on similar crimes.

    I’ll be reading more material on this but, unfortunately, it looks like a case of really good lawyers and not an “activist” judge. I am just afraid this kind of thing will set a president.

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