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For any regular readers, (do I have regular readers?), I chose to spend my morning responding in to this post at This wasn’t in the Plan.

Vance responded to my posting of the ‘Evil’ Epicurean quote and we’ve been at it ever since.

You might drop by there and look read around. I often disagree with Vance but I respect his opinions. My post will probably show up later today. Vance filters his comments, largely because at some point he seems to have gotten inundated by attack commenters. If I recall correctly, it was the last time we had a spat and I was to blame (sorry).

Had I written something less (anti?-) ethical for his blog, my political posting would have tied together cellulite, George W. Bush’s freedom delusions in his Prague response to Putin and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Now. My regular readers should easily be able to make those connections. But, if not, just post a comment asking me to complete the train (wreck) of thought there and I’ll see what I can do.


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  1. Vance Esler on

    Spent the whole day trying to get out of Ft Lauderdale. There were bad storms. Our corridor was open, but we were stuck behind planes on the taxi way that could not take off because their corridor was blocked. Finally had to fly to a town 120 miles from here and drive the rest of the way. Consequently, my responses have been short.

    Regarding the moderation on my blog, it was because there were one or two bozos who could not put together anything that added to the conversation. They only wanted to tell me how stupid I am and call me names. It was distracting — and rude.

    As you well know, I post dissenting opinions. But I decided that newspaper editors screen letters, and talk-show hosts screen calls. The purpose in my case isn’t to stifle controversy. (Heck, controversy increases traffic.) But there is no need for the quality of the conversation to be put at the mercy of anonymous bomb-throwers.

    Regarding Bush: While in Florida, I had an interesting conversation with a guy from New York. He asked if I was a Republican (I guess because Fox News was on in the exercise room — I didn’t put it there). I told him, no, I have always been independent. Both parties never fail to disappoint. He said that he had always been a Democrat, but now he was independent, too. Same reason. Both parties are completely out of touch with the common people in this country.

    He didn’t like Bush. I told him that Bush actually was a good governor. Bush was not conservative. He was successful and popular here, not because the state is conservative (it has historically been Democratic), but because he was able to build bipartisan consensus. Unfortunately, he found the Washington culture to be completely different from Texas, and much more cutthroat. His response has been disappointing, and now he has everyone mad at him. I have no clue what he’s thinking anymore.

  2. blc303 on


    My comment about moderation was more a disparaging comment about my sending you whackos then your moderation abilities. I’m sure you do a fine job and let everything through that should go through.

    From my side, I would argue the Democrats are fully in the pockets of big business while claiming to want to (and occasionally do) help the lower classes. The politicians themselves are almost all a product of the same upper class schools and networks that the Republicans are. I usually get the impression the only place politicians of all colors don’t get along is when giving speeches.

    I would argue the Republican party isn’t the same as it was 25-15 years ago. Back in the 1990’s, I think fundamentalist Christian organisations took over large parts of the Republican party. If you have a half an hour, you might try to watch Life and Liberty for All Who Believe from the American Way about Jerry Falwell produced in 1989. The documentary (lecture) about Dominism Teresa pointed to is also a good source.

    You blame Washington, I blame fundamental Christians. I thing Bush is getting “guidance” from God, just like he learned when going to AA meetings. I would argue Bush hasn’t changed, the political landscape changed. Everything shifted farther right and fundamentally religious and few were looking. Now Americans don’t question faith based initiatives, school vouchers or that whether the Ten Commandments have a place in American court rooms.

    I guess my biggest problem is my Cassandra complex. I see everything going to hell in a hand basket and I *gasp* don’t think democracy will be more than a speed bump on the way to neo-feudalism.

    We’re half way there. The wealth is rapidly being collected into a very small segment of society while ‘conservatives’ claim all taxation is bad. America exports its labor abuses to China because the Americans won’t do that any more; at the same time the Chinese inherit the ‘dirty’ industries no one in the West really want. The same nobility is being created in Europe, America and Asia. Often they know each other from their time at some Ivy League University.

  3. blc303 on

    BTW Vance,
    Just in case you think I’m just making stuff up about the Dominonism stuff. The Texan Repbublican Party platform for 2006 has a section called “Honoring the Symbols of Our American Heritage.” It has the following bullet points.

    Ten Commandments,
    Pledge of Allegiance,
    American English,
    Flag Desecration,
    Symbols of American Heritage (including “plaques honoring the Confederate Widow’s Pension Fund”).

    I find it chilling that the Ten Commandments gets included – the Constitution ignored.

  4. Vance Esler on

    I blame neither Washington nor people of any special group (religious, ethnic, racial or otherwise).

    I blame those who do not vote…

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