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Bad Behavior

For any regular readers, (do I have regular readers?), I chose to spend my morning responding in to this post at This wasn’t in the Plan.

Vance responded to my posting of the ‘Evil’ Epicurean quote and we’ve been at it ever since.

You might drop by there and look read around. I often disagree with Vance but I respect his opinions. My post will probably show up later today. Vance filters his comments, largely because at some point he seems to have gotten inundated by attack commenters. If I recall correctly, it was the last time we had a spat and I was to blame (sorry).

Had I written something less (anti?-) ethical for his blog, my political posting would have tied together cellulite, George W. Bush’s freedom delusions in his Prague response to Putin and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Now. My regular readers should easily be able to make those connections. But, if not, just post a comment asking me to complete the train (wreck) of thought there and I’ll see what I can do.