Cheney Wants War With Iran – Might Get One With Turkey

In what seems to me to be a strangely underreported story, US – Turkish tensions on the northern Iraqi border are rapidly breaking down.

Speigel-Online is reporting that the situation seems to be escalating.

The signs have become increasingly ominous. For weeks, Turkey has been building up its military presence on its south-eastern border with Iraq in response to cross-border raids by Kurdish rebels. Potentially more concerning, Ankara has been openly considering an incursion into Kurdish-dominated northern Iraq in an attempt to root out members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) based there.

On Sunday, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates saw the situation as sufficiently heated to issue a warning to Ankara. “We hope there would not be a unilateral military action across the border into Iraq,” Gates told reporters on Sunday.

Speaking after meeting with Asian government officials in Singapore, Gates said he sympathized with the Turkish frustration over the raids launched by Kurdish rebels from across the border. “The Turks have a genuine concern with Kurdish terrorism that takes place on Turkish soil,” he said. “So one can understand their frustration and unhappiness over this.”

But Ankara is unlikely to be placated by US sympathy. Indeed, the Turkish military shelled Kurdish positions on the Iraqi side of the border on both Sunday and Monday, according to the Belgium-based Firat news agency. Furthermore, the Dogan news agency reported that a suicide bombing had killed three soldiers at a military outpost in south-eastern Turkey on Monday.

At the same time, all my normal news channels (and most of my morning reading) was taken up by the Rice attempt to disarm or at least de-tooth (de-pacemaker?) Cheney with respect to Iran.

I wonder why this story is getting so little play in American and English media? Perhaps because neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want an escalation on that front giving no reason for beltway journalists to cover it?

Look at the motivations of the various factions.

Rice is trying to lower all tensions in the Middle East; the last thing she needs is a new crisis. Dick Cheney is concentrating on implicating Iran not only with arm shipments into Iraq but into Afghanistan thus bringing about the next stage in whatever nefarious plan he acutally has. (I wonder if the evidence for Afghanistan is any better than the “Iranian” EFP shipments presented in February?)

The Democratic leadership would really prefer to keep this situation under wraps because an escalation on Iraq’s northern border would give the President a reason for a continued troop presence in Iraq; something approaching a dose of political polonium. Finally Rapture enraptured President Bush doesn’t need a Turkish-Kurdish war because that wouldn’t involve Israel thus bringing about “Americas Destiny.”

Perhaps that’s why there is so little reporting on the issue.

As far as I can tell, for US politicians, it’s a lose-lose situation best kept under wraps. I just wonder if anyone can convince the Turkish politicians of the same thing?


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  1. berxwedan on

    Why don’t you have a look here:
    Turkish media cargo train derailed by hpg was transporting rockets from iran to syria
    Hpg issues new statement about the train attack turkish judge issues media censor
    If you cant stand heat
    [BEN: Edited links to make them slightly more readable… They still go where they were originally pointed.]
    When Turkey (US-ally) is allowing Iran to transport rockets to Syria so they can give it to Hezbollah, without the US even issuing a protest, then how are they going to allow anybody to wage a war against Iran? Funny. You’d think there might be some balls behind US war-rhetorics, but it simply isn’t. Is it because they don’t have any balls, or is it something else? Why would an US-ally be allowed to help Iran transport rockets to the Hezbollah so they could use it on Israel? Speeding up the “rapture” process?
    Check out the list of the weapons found at Mizgin’s “Rastibini” blog.

  2. blc303 on

    The Herold sites the above source ( for the story about rockets aboard the train bound for Lebenon.

    But to say that Turkey is allowing (or whether corrupt officals turned a blind eye) to arms transports is a different issue.

    On the other hand, saying the US is directly implied would say that the US is absolutely disfuctional, supporting the transport of weapons to the groups they are attempting to fight. While it might speed up the “Rapture” process, it doesn’t fit any other posiblity. I doubt the rest of the government would go along.

    I think the American government is screwed up. But not that screwed up.

    Interestingly. What interest did the HPG or the PKK have for attacking the train carrying weapons to Lebanon? The PKK isn’t funded or allied with Israel; thus it would seem foolish to attack that train. Unless of course a) the PKK knew the weapons were there and wanted America to know about it. But that would imply that America didn’t know what was going on. (Therefore wasn’t ‘allowing’ anything.) Or b) wanted to stop the weapons in support of Israel. Which is it?

  3. Teresa on

    The rapture’s ahead of schedule? IT CAN’T BE!! I haven’t sent out my “Happy rapture” cards yet, not to mention decorating the house or getting presents in order or planning a rapture party!

    Oh NO!

    Now, where did I put that list of non-Christian caterers?

  4. blc303 on

    And have you wondered what you are going to do with all those old clothes?

    I mean after everyone else gets Raptured off leaving behind piles of clothing, what do you do with your old stuff. Can’t very well give it to the church, can you?

    (And BTW, do you have a biblical source for the whole clothing thing?)

  5. Teresa on


    I don’t have a Biblical source for the whole clothing thing, but I assume it must have something to do with the idea that heaven will be a “New Eden”. Therefore, there will be no sin, no knowledge of good and evil, and therefore no need for clothing.

    I imagine that I’ll be dousing the old clothing down with water and using it to put out fires.

    It’ll most likely be handy to have all the extras, really.

  6. blc303 on

    Right. Forgot about the fire thing. Perhaps I should spend more time reading the “Left Behind” series.

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