Time Is Going Really Slowly…

OK. You’re a Dearborn cop.

OK. You’re a corrupt Dearborn cop.

Now you bust some people with a little pot and decide to make not a booking but a batch of brownies. You and your wife do a little taste testing…

And time starts going really, really, really, really slowly. What do you do? You call 911.

I love the off camera snort from one of the anchors. These people have obviously also experienced time distortion. The really cool part? The video clip is from a Fox station.

What are they doing at Fox?!

Oh! And the cop? He and his wife got off.

Dearborn police declined to pursue criminal charges against an officer last year, even after the cop admitted to taking marijuana from criminal suspects and, with his wife, cooking it up in brownies.

Then-Cpl. Edward Sanchez was allowed to resign from the department, but he was not charged with a crime. He declined to comment Wednesday.

His wife, Stacy Sanchez, admitted to police investigators that on another occasion she removed cocaine from her husband’s police cruiser — drugs purportedly earmarked to train police dogs — and used it during a three-week binge. She, too, has not been charged criminally. Dearborn Police Cmdr. Jeff Geisinger left a phone message with Free Press reporting partner WDIV-TV Local 4 saying Sanchez resigned during an internal investigation. Geisinger did not return subsequent calls asking why Sanchez was not prosecuted.

American Justice – always good for a laugh.

(Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish)

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  1. Teresa on

    Ya, know, given the giggling fit that they had, I’m wondering if the FOX commenators are high right now. 🙂

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