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Mr. Giggles goes to Washington

I didn’t watch Gonzales’ testimony yesterday and haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but my favorite court reporter jurisprudence verbal virtuoso, Dahlia Lithwick, sure makes me want to.

Her discussion of Gonzales latest day of testimony not answering questions sounds priceless. She let’s us know that Gonzales isn’t even trying anymore.

The laugh line comes at the end.

Instead of letting the president throw him under the bus to protect Karl Rove, Gonzales just lies down in the road, then giggles as the bus runs over his head.

That’s him – Alberto Gonzales, aka. Mr. Giggles.

Librl’s Just Another Word for Gay

Well – of course it is.

Didn’t you learn anything from Mike Foley and the invesigative subtitlers at Fox News?

(Hat Tip: BitchPhD)