The Wolf Ate My Post

I had this really long, involved piece about the whole Paul Wolfowitz thing including the background to the infamous sock scandal. Wolf Paws

But then the Gods of the Intertubes, whose names must remain untyped, determined that that post must be religated to the black hole that is Dick Cheney’s heart or perhaps the Blog Post Nervana – which is pretty much the same thing.

Then I notice that Wonkette managed sum up my 800 word piece in two sentences and a picture. *sigh*

Everyone at the World Bank hates “Shoeless Paul” Wolfowitz. They didn’t like him from the beginning (you start one little unjustified war and endless bloody occupation based on specious intelligence…) and once he took over he didn’t win any new friends by giving his girlfriend a huge, illegal raise

I really can’t add much to that.

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