Heads up: Monkey See, Monkey Deny

There is a new blog up called Denialism.Com which hopefully will turn into a one stop source for denialist BS. God knows they have enough stuff to write about.

Denialism (n): the practice of creating the illusion of debate when there is none.

Head over and check it out. It will be worth the time keeping an eye on it.

(I do however hope they find a new web-designer. Black and white is just so pre-postmodern guys.)

(Hat Tip:BlogAroundTheClock via Teresa/AnomalousData)


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  1. mark on

    I designed that site with my own two hands (*sob*).

    Seriously though, it was a bit of a statement on seing things in black and white. Maybe I should go gray?

  2. blc303 on

    Gray. Yeah. Gray is good. 🙂

    Seriously. It is just a bit over the top on heavyness. Perhaps a black and white picture as a header would help.

    Do you need any submissions?

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