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Reprehensable Darrell Issa Hearts Car Thieves

During his ‘questioning’ at the House hearing (or ‘earing’ according to the CSpan feed) on Political Influence of Climate Science Reporting, Reprehensible Darrell Issa finally admitted the truth. He hearts car thieves. Or at least he holds no anamosity towards them. After all, they used to make his old company money.

This came out during yesterday’s hearings while he was questioning a former lobbyist.

Before coming to the White House, witness Philip Cooney worked for the American Petroleum Institute which is a kind of Mecca for Global Climate Change Denialists (Islamofascist – Sciencenazi it’s all the same really). Of course he isn’t a scientist, Mr Cooney was a lawyer/lobbyist.

Anyway, during questioning Rep. Issa asked Mr Cooney whether he still held allegiance to ‘big oil’ or to the president. Mr. Cooney gave the impression that if the president is green Mr. Cooney would start singing like Kermit the Frog (It’s not easy being green…).

He agreed that his views were like totally those of the president and he didn’t bring any actual intelligence to the job. A point the two gentlemen apparently share.

While kissing ass agreeing, the elected public servant (California?! WTF?) came up with the following money quote.

I don’t see a conflict there. I came from and industry that produced car alarms. And I have no loyalty to car alarms nor anamosity to car thieves that exist in Washington today. I’ve moved on. [Check out the C-Span feed yourself. Minute 51. ]

A Republican congressman turns car thief lover and a former API lobbyist turns green.

What’s next? Will the earth start heating up?! Oh. Yeah.