Heads Up: Daniel Jackson Bashing?

Oh, Oh. Bill Poser is going to need to put on something warm.

His recent post at the Language Log about the linguistic origins of Stargate the movie is really going to irritate obsequious Daniel Jackson fangirls.

Soon after the team arrives on the planet, they climb up over a sand dune and are met by a bunch of the inhabitants, who prostrate themselves and cry out [natʃuru]. I understood this immediately, as would, I think, anyone who has ever learned Egyptian. One of the first and most common words that one learns is nt̠r [ntʃr] “god”. (Egyptian writing did not represent most of the vowels.) The masculine plural is formed by adding [u]. That the people were crying out “gods!” seemed pretty obvious to me. Yet Daniel Jackson doesn’t understand this at first. It seems very odd that the makers of the film would set up such an obviously Egyptian context, characterise a character as a genius at linguistics and decipherment, use a word that is just what we would expect in a relative of Egyptian, and then have that character fail to understand it.

She will probably overlook the gaffe though. After all. In the movie it was the überwimp James Spader and not the far more hunky Michael Shanks from SG1.


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  1. Teresa on

    It’s true. MY Daniel would not have made such an error.

  2. blc303 on


    Having enough muscles makes all the difference.

  3. Teresa on

    Now, now, he didn’t have those muscles when I first started fan-girling for him. They didn’t show up until after the first time he died, which I think was somewhere around season three.

    I think the problem I have with James Spader Daniel was mostly because the first role I saw him (Spader)in involved him being a creepy-werewolf-stalker-rapist guy (don’t remember the name of the movie).

  4. Teresa on

    Althouh I must admit, they didn’t hurt his case. 🙂

  5. Test on

    Hi all!


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