German Answer to Conservapedia

Having a bad God day? Speak German?

Then is the wiki for you.

Athpedia is an open encyclopaedia whose content is created by unpaid, volunteer authors. All contents can easily be edited by registered users directly in your browser. Athpedia is directed at all interested users, looking for information in the area of Atheism. Since atheism doesn’t represent a unified philosophy, it is the goal of this encyclopaedia is designed to objectively explain occasionally contradicting positions. In addition a critical discussion of the its contents and functions is a central area of Athpedia.

Athpedia is not meant to compete with Wikipedia, but rather be a special, complimentary offer for interested internet users. Athpedia can go into far more detail on humanistic themes and controversies than is generally possible in a general encyclopaedia.

As of this writing there were 131 articles.

Enjoy, or – um – should I say immitate?

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