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Not Just Crops Any More

Step this way one and all.

The 55th Skeptics’ Circle: The Number Of The Skeptic is now online for your perusal and education.


A Pencil Won’t Work

Remember the telephones with dials? Remember how spies used to put a pencil in the dial to keep people from listening in while plotting the overthrow of the America Third Reich?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work any more.

Did you write that down all you jihadists, terrorists and Democrats? You need to take the battery out so the FBI can’t listen in. (Rather incovenient if you have to make a call but whatever.)

Actually, that really doesn’t surprise me much. The technology is absolutely no problem. I was a bit surprised to see this on Faux though.

More interesting is the ability to turn your phone on and off at will. From last December we have the following story out of the USA Today.

Your cellphone is an amazing device — perhaps more amazing than you realize. It’s got all sorts of features, and I’m not talking about playing music or shooting videos. We keep learning about our phones’ undocumented features, and the ways they can be used to help or hurt us.

Back in January, for example, when Jason Cochran’s car was stolen from outside his home in Eastvale, Calif., with his 10-month-old son in it, Sprint was able to track it through the phone’s GPS unit.

Unfortunately, the comapny refused to disclose the car’s location to deputies without their filling out forms and paying a $25 fee. (Despite Sprint’s refusal to help locate the boy, he was soon found unharmed.)

More recently, during the search for Jerry Cooke, Brian Hall, and Kelly James — the hikers who became trapped on Mount Hood — one of the early hopeful signs came from T-Mobile, James’s cellphone provider. It detected his phone turning on and off, although he was apparently unable to make a call.

And while they are at it, they can use the GPS receiver to track where you have been. So think about it.

Do you really need that cell phone?

And, perhaps even more importantly, why is Faux News telling the terrorists about this? Have they been infiltrated by al-Quaeda? Have they been infiltrated by Liberals?

OMG! Nancy Peolsi has take control of Fox News!

(Hat Tip: Wonkette *sigh* again. Why do they have all the real stuff?)