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Taking a Stake in Science

There is a review of Jennifer Ouellette’s book The Physics of the Buffyverse in Sunday’s New York Times.

Interestingly, for an agnosic, I read Jennifer’s blog Cocktail Party Physics more or less religiously.

So Congragulations Jennifer. I hope the book really takes off now. You deserve it.

(Hat Tip: Matthew C. Nisbet/Framing Science, and therefore you already knew about story because you read him more often then you read me. Right?! *ahem*)


Since I have nothing of import and have expended my snark doing anti-anti-evolutionary commenting here, I just thought I’d point you to the Wonkette coverage about the Secret Global War on Garage Door Openers. (SGWGDO?!)

I had to think of Sharon Weinberger’s Washington Post cover story and the follow-up on her blog (don’t miss the comments) about Mind Control Targeted Individuals when I read the last quip.

The reason, as usual, is 9/11. After the terrorisms, the military took back a whole chunk of radio spectrum that had been used by garage-door-opener manufacturers. It’s happening across the country and even in Canada, where secret American spy facilities blast the hapless northerners with mind rays.

Obviously the reason all those people keep ‘hearing’ things in their head. It’s just a side effect of the SGWGDO.

Aside: Don’t forget my original post about tin-foil underpants because I have been following this story for like – forever!