Paine-ful Truths

As strange as it may seem, there are those people out there who are, even today, Thomas Paine fan-people. And not all of them live in Minnesota.

No apparently some live in Arkansas which was attempting to become the 10th state to create a ‘Thomas Paine’ day. But, Arkansas being Arkansas, just said no. (Allah Akbar!)

It seems that Mr Paine was obviously an un-American Islamic surrender monkey in – um – Founding Fathers clothing. Or at least that is what Rep. Sid Rosenbaum would like you to believe. You see Thomas Paine just didn’t get the memo on the Christian Nation talking points.

According to the AP feed as related through the Boston Herald, in a 46-20 vote, the proposal from Democratic Rep. Lindsley Smith to commemorate January 29 failed in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

”I think if Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were standing here today, they would give you the same presentation about Thomas Paine,” Smith said. ”He needs to be remembered and he’s not remembered.”

But Rep. Sid Rosenbaum, R-Little Rock, quizzed Smith about Paine and quoted passages from Paine’s book, ”The Age of Reason,” which Rosenbaum criticized as anti-religion.

”He did some good things for the nation, but the book that he wrote was anti-Christian and anti-Jewish,” Rosenbaum said. ”I don’t think we should be passing things out like this without at least debating it and letting people in the House know what we’re voting on.”

Remember. The newest scare tactic is to explain that America is a Christian Nation.

Just a couple of ‘facts’ about atheists…

  • The phrase “under God” was officially added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954.”
  • In God We Trust,” after a long fight finally replaced “E plurbus unum” on the American one dollar bill in 1957.
  • A recent Supreme Court ruling against the Santa Fe, Texas, Independent School District in 2000 was brought not by atheists but by a Catholic and a Mormon family who felt the predominately Baptist school district was establishing religion by having prayers before school football games. A good summary here.
  • Although many of the plaintiffs in the recent Kitzmiller vs. The Dover School board were accused of being atheist. None were. Many were deeply religious. The case was about religion attacking science and not science attacking religion (but never mind).

So. Let’s just re-write history. Get rid of the Paine-ful truths, held by the founding fathers to be self evident. Let’s create not just one nation under god but one world under an American God.

To do anything else would be too Paine-ful.

(Hat Tip: James Randi/Swift)


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  1. Teresa on

    Well, but Paine is just so much FUN! He makes the religionist’s faces get all red and puffy.

    And if they think that saying the Bible (if true, which he didn’t think it was) doesn’t reflect well on the history of the Jews is anti-Semitic…they should downright outlaw the writings of Martin Luther. Good God that man had it in for the Jews, and women and the gays.

  2. blc303 on

    The amazing thing here is that Mr. Rosenbaum actually took the pains time to go back and read some of Paine’s writings. To look at what he had written.

    But the far right Jewish and far right Evangelical communities have obviously lost all sight of whatever writings might have supported their causes, theological or secular. It’s moved onto – “Trust us, we are telling you the truth, look into the spinning disk, do not doubt” territory.

    I’m worried about where this reading thing might lead. What’s next? The Constitution?! *shutter*

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