Bird Flu in Moscow – Terror at 11:00

Or something.

According to just about every single press agency, the Bird Flu has finally attacked the heart of Putin’s empire, Moscow. From the (very French, probably socialist and likely stylish) AFP,

The deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu has been confirmed at one of three farms under investigation on the outskirts of Moscow, a veterinary source said in the first outbreak of the disease to threaten the Russian capital.

“We have just received the laboratory results” from the first of the farms, Russian veterinary authority spokesman Alexei Alexeyenko told AFP, “the precise subtype of the H5N1 virus (will be known) by Sunday evening.”

Now this would be bad enough. With spring coming and illegal immigrant migrant birds just crossing borders without passports, or papers or anything, it is clear that the bird flu will start to hit European farms and zoos in the coming weeks and months.

But what you might not have realised is that these illegal immigrant migrant are actually jihadist agents.

According to Interfax

Bio-terrorism must not be discarded as a cause of an outbreak of bird flu at Moscow’s poultry market, but this should be tackled by the Federal Security Service and other law enforcement services,” chief veterinary official of the Moscow region, Valery Sitnikov, told Interfax on Sunday.

The regional veterinary services have almost no doubts that the deadly illness came from Moscow’s poultry market, Sitnikov said.

“The birds that contracted the disease on the poultry market could have infected other fowl. Bird flu symptoms appear two-three days following infection, which can be seen from what is happening. The first decorative hen was bought on February 9. It died on February 11. In the second case, several hens, bought on February 11, died on February 13,” he said.

I wonder if Valery and Tony Snow talk. I mean they would probably get along fairly well.

I think Russia needs to start thinking about put’in up a protective wall, an impenetrable missle bird shield to protect and defend the Motherland. Just wait until the Russian version of Michel Malkin get’s hold of this.

Just wait until the REAL Michel Malkin get’s hold of this.

Bird Flu – Terror at 11:00 * sigh

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