There are times when The DailyShow just needs to admit they are a news organisation and start putting up transcripts.

I thought I’d burst a gasket watching Jon Stewart interview Polar-Bear-hating Christopher Horner.

My favorite exchange [my transcript, curse you DailyShow]…

Jon Stewart :Why is this argument so heated? Why is there so much not, pardon the pun, why is there so much volatility? Your book is…, you’re clearly a little worked up. You’re a little angry about it.

Christopher Horner: I’m still working through that, thank you for reading it. But I appreciate your helping me out there.

Jon Stewart: No please.

Christopher Horner: This has been an exercise.

It’s been a heated debate since the Titanic hit an iceberg; as you saw when you read the book. When the New York newspapers found experts, who, if they would have lived a little longer, would have would have made a fortune at Stanford University telling us about the end of the world, because they came out and said…

Jon: Global Cooling

Batshit Horner: …this is proof that the icebergs are attacking.

And then there was global warming because there was global warming, you remember the dustbowl and things like that.

And then there was global cooling.

And we had a lot of money; we became very rich. and so we put satellites up in the air, to measure the atmosphere. Because this isn’t about the surface temperature, it’s about the atmosphere. And then it stopped cooling and like five year olds playing soccer chasing a ball – they chased the thermometer the other direction. So now it’s global warming.

We know the answer. It’s this lassitude argument. I can’t understand it so it must be our fault. The Gods must be angry, man’s responsible. There is a strong desire to believe, as evidenced by the fact that there was a consensus in the 70’s about manmade global cooling. And now there’s a consensus about manmade global warming.

There is a strong desire to believe that it just makes sense because we’ve said that both times. And obviously it can’t just make sense both ways.

: What?!!

How often have I wanted to give exactly that reaction.

I won’t even touch all the things wrong in every single spun sentence that came out of Horners mouth. The only point I might agree with is that the Gods are getting a bit pissed off. Other than that…[queue Twilight Zone music]

But thank you Jon Stewart; you have spoken from my soul.



2 comments so far

  1. Gimli2003 on

    Dude, any chance you can show me the full transcript for that conversation? Or at least, where to find it?

  2. blc303 on

    *sigh* I truly wish I could.

    What you see is my transcript. That was a combination of my listening, typing and dreading the amount of Valium I would need to calm my nerves when I was finished.

    I don’t think there is anywhere where the transcripts are available. The video however should still be online.

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