The Walls Have – um – Holes

In addition to initiating the eminent downfall of American culture, using the Koran to get sworn into congress and probably, I don’t know, public breast feeding, Representative Keith Ellison has a new tick. For some reason he gets grumpy when the-just-to-the-far-right-of-Jesus Representative Tom Tancredo smokes a cigar next door.

From The Hill,

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) believes it is his right as a Muslim to be sworn into Congress with the Quran. But apparently, the freshman lawmaker doesn’t believe it’s Rep. Tom Tancredo’s (R-Colo.) right to smoke a cigar in his congressional office.

Ellison’s office called the Capitol Hill Police on Tancredo last Wednesday night as Tancredo was in his office smoking a cigar. The lawmakers have neighboring offices on the first floor of the Longworth House Office Building.

Tancredo was still stunned a day later. “It’s very bizarre,” said Tancredo, who has never met Ellison. “Seemed to me not a good way to say hello.”

Actually the whole issue wasn’t started by Mr. Ellison at all. It was his press slug secretary.

Ellison’s press secretary, Rick Jauert, made the call to the Superintendent’s office when he noticed the smoke. “I called because the smoke was coming through the walls,” Jauert said, adding that the Superintendent’s office referred him to the Capitol Police.

I know the US has a high deficit. I know there isn’t enough funding to get appropriate armor, body or Humvee, to Iran Iraq. I know the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly.

But one would think that the US Congress would have enough money to keep smoke from “coming through the walls.” Obviously the end of civilization as we know it.

And, the Republicans will be glad to hear, it’s all Keith Ellisons fault.

(Hat Tip: Wonkette)

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  1. Teresa on

    It doesn’t matter what Ellison does, the righty-right will pillory him.

    He could run into a burning building and save five pre-schoolers and a pregnant teacher, and they’d accuse him of setting the fire.

    And yet, they are strangely silent about the rumors of the masses of traffic tickets, the license suspensions, and the tax problems he had.

    Maybe because those things have nothing to do with him being a liberal or a Muslim…and his critics probably have just too many civil duty violations themselves to throw stomes.

  2. blc303 on

    Since when has being guilty stoped the far right?

    Did being gay (or bi) stop Ted Haggard? Didn’t Duke Cunningham argue that wasting tax dollars was bad?

    No. The difference is that having traffic tickets just isn’t a hot button issue. “Oh! Look. Let’s put the speeders in camps!” See. Just doesn’t have the right *ahem* ring to it.

    And all politicans think everyone cheats on their taxes. That’s why the right keeps trying to cut taxes. Not to lower the federal income, just to make the things they haven’t been reporting legal.

  3. Teresa on


    Good point. I forgot about their tendancy for blatant hypocracy thing for a moment there. Sorry, won’t happen again.

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