Fleeing Godzilla?

First in was the frilled shark, photographed in January after being captured off the coast near Japan. Over the weekend another case of a deep sea shark surfacing occurred,

A rare goblin shark—a “living fossil” that closely resembles ancient shark species—was caught alive recently in Tokyo Bay, only to die within days.

Officials from the Tokyo Sea Life Park discovered the 4.3-foot-long (1.3-meter-long) creature on January 25 during an expedition with local fisherman. The shark had been tangled in fishing nets 500 to 650 feet (150 to 200 meters) deep.

The discussion over at BlondSense was focused entirely on salinity, colder denser water, ocean rivers and global climate catastrophes.

I beg to differ.

While GCC might be to blame, I don’t think this has anything to do with underwater rivers.

Godzilla has finally woken up, melted from his (her?) methane ice cocoon from times past. No the sharks aren’t being brought to the surface by a global current change. No they are fleeing to the surface just as the 1954 Japanese prophets predicted. Maybe we should recheck those 1960 horror films for fundamental truth.

I would bring this to the attention of the Senate. We need more defense spending. A major boost in anti-Godzilla weaponry. Studies into how we can stop this threat. The rash development and deployment of a unilateral anti-Godzilla screen is definitely necessary to protect America and her allies. (Those allies that don’t get eaten first and aren’t on the side of the terrorists and aren’t surrender monkies. OK. Let’s just protect America and maybe Canada.)

Of course we could also give science a try but that would probably be un-American.

So, if you get toasted in a radioactive cloud of bad breath, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Teresa on

    Oh you and your stupid Godzilla superstition. As if there could be any truth or revelation from those bizzare black-and-white movies.

    You’re theology is fundamentally flawed, you don’t even believe in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. I bet you don’t even believe in Cthulu. Why should anyone ever listen to you, you are obviously an elder God athiest?

    How do you even have any moral guide to your behavior if you don’t believe that the ancient ones will one day surface, drive you mad, and then consume you in a ravnous orgy of mindless destruction?

    You might think that believeing in Godzilla is a nice compromise to let you live your hippy-dippy “free-love” lifestyle, but that won’t do you any good when the elder Gods return and refuse to kill and eat you until you have seen your entire world unraveled by madness and destroyed.

  2. blc303 on

    Come on Trees.

    You know our belief systems are based on the same teachings; both Lovecraft and the teaching of Gojira, known to western mouths as Godzilla, are based on the same basis – the Gospels of Edgar Allen Poe.

    But the fundamentals of the Gojiras moral guidelines are forced upon us by the post apocalypse belief structure. We know enough to be able to reach for the sky.

    Your beliefs are simply groveling to a many nosed worm. Your beliefs are stuck in the mud and the caverns and labyrinths of darkness. Elder gods indeed.

    Darkness and gloom instead of a glowing radioactive future.

    Heretic! Begon!

  3. Teresa on

    You Godzillofascists with your Raven worship and thrid-dimentional adherance to Euclidian Geometry. Everyone who has really studied the issue knows that Poe’s writings are strictly apocryphal. For one thing, they are original in English, rather than any kind of Elder script.

    But I’m sure that won’t change your mind. But I’ll be there, laughing when the dark one comes to devour you and you’re still trying to sprout feathers and fly away.

    I can see it now “Oh! Nevermore! Nevermore!” Flap flap flap. LOL seriously, whatever you loony.

    It’s not too late, you can repent, but if you don’t I’ll be laughing my ass off at your stupidity!

  4. Mark on

    umm… WTH are you guys talking about?! The whole post was rediculous.

  5. blc303 on

    As any serious Poe scholar will point out, only the printings of Poe were in English. Everyone knows the Gold Bug was only a hint at the true way to begin to understand his writings. There he allowed a glimpse of the meaning behind the holy scripts.

    But you musk lovers feel the need to deny the true feather of light. Point the way to salvation and freedom.

    *Sigh* Whatever. Worms gotta eat same as Mothras.

    Um, actually the original post was more a heads-up to the more serious post at BlondSense and a way of pointing out the cool picture of the shark.

    At the same time Trees and I poke fun at the tone and language of the strident religious right.

    That – and Godzilla waking up would be kind of interesting. Give a big boost to crypto-zoological budgets out there.

  6. Teresa on


    A couple of problems with your base assumptions:

    1) There are no “serious” Poe scholors. It is an easy mistake to make. They are not serious, but depressed and morose, which can sometimes look like they are being serioous, but it’s not the same thing.

    2)Those aren’t worms, they are squid tenticles.


    Sorry, you got caught up in a sort of geek fest.

  7. blc303 on


    The last tactics of the defeated, ad hominem attacks and cephalopod obfuscation. (Note, yet another tacit acknowledgement of the deep sea origins of your beliefs.)

    Enough heretical banter. Begone lover of cuttlefish!

  8. Teresa on

    Oh yeay? Well, HITLER was a Godzilla lover too.

    Smell THEM apples with your forked tongue lizard boy.

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