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IPCC = We’re Cooked

Been there, done that. But now we know better then ever before exactly what is going on.

That’s pretty much the message that came out of Paris during the IPCC press confrence this morning. From the NYT,

The head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri, called it a “very impressive document that goes several steps beyond previous research.”

A top U.S. government scientist, Susan Solomon, said “there can be no question that the increase in greenhouse gases are dominated by human activities.”

The 21-page summary of the panel’s findings released Friday represents the most authoritative science on global warming. The panel comprises hundreds of scientists and representatives of 113 governments.

I won’t go into the specific horror scenarios, more warming, more water, less ice. Mexico will probably not be a great place to live. Texas becomes a paradise. Or something.

There was a lot of rather scientist-y talk about more and better models; statistical improvements and several more years of intense study. Not many really cool soundbites because all of these scientists have been bitten in press conferences before.

Indeed Susan Soloman, the US offical on the panel, bent over backwards to underline that she does not want to make policy; she does not want to say whether the information is important for policy makers; she and the IPCC just want people to know that this is the science.

Science or not, it didn’t take long for ExxonMobile and the Empire American Enterprise Institute (AEI) to strike back.

The Guardian is reporting this morning that there is a $10,000 bounty for science sluts to diss the report.

Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by one of the world’s largest oil companies to undermine a major climate change report due to be published today.

Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Travel expenses and additional payments were also offered.

I’m sure the hacks are already typing.

But there is one thing that does kind of get my temperature up. It doesn’t look like the report will be available online. According to the press release, the full report will be printed by Oxford Press. No mention when, where or if the full report and not just the summary can be downloaded. That would be a bummer.

But there is no controversy, we’re cooked, drowned or dried.

We just don’t know exactly how fast it will happen.

Crucifying The Messenger

In what can only be seen as a ‘shoot the messenger’ event, a school board in that liberal snakepit New Jersey has decided that indoctrination is better than hearing about indoctrination.

From yesterday’s New York Times,

After a public school teacher was recorded telling students they belonged in hell if they did not accept Jesus as their savior, the school board has banned taping in class without an instructor’s permission, and has added training for teachers on the legal requirements for separating church and state.

The back story is interesting here. This happened last year. According to the original story in the NYT

Before David Paszkiewicz got to teach his accelerated 11th-grade history class about the United States Constitution this fall, he was accused of violating it.
“If you reject his gift of salvation, then you know where you belong,” Mr. Paszkiewicz was recorded saying of Jesus. “He did everything in his power to make sure that you could go to heaven, so much so that he took your sins on his own body, suffered your pains for you, and he’s saying, ‘Please, accept me, believe.’ If you reject that, you belong in hell.”

The student, Matthew LaClair, said that he felt uncomfortable with Mr. Paszkiewicz’s statements in the first week, and taped eight classes starting Sept. 13 out of fear that officials would not believe the teacher had made the comments.

Since Matthew’s complaint, administrators have said they have taken “corrective action” against Mr. Paszkiewicz, 38, who has taught in the district for 14 years and is also a youth pastor at Kearny Baptist Church. However, they declined to say what the action was, saying it was a personnel matter.

Remember this guy is teaching history. The extra lessons on separation of church and state will probably not come as a big surpise. I am very sure his history also includes the ‘fact’ that America is a Christian nation. (All those ‘original’ writings from the founding fathers is obviously a liberal media plot to just hand America over to Obama Osama bin Ladin.)

The boy mangaged to get death threats and hate mail; the teacher – a slap on the hand.

Of course the only real problem is a separation of church and state. A history teacher explaining things like – say – global warming? That’s ok…

Meanwhile, Matthew said that Mr. Paszkiewicz recently told the class that scientists who spoke about the danger of global warming were using tactics like those Hitler used, by repeating a lie often enough that people come to believe it.

Mr. Lindenfelser said that the district did not investigate the report of that comment, which he said was not religious or a violation of “any kind of law.”

Mr. Paszkiewicz should know, he’s a history teacher.

And he can say anything he wants, just as long as no one tapes it.

(Hat Tip: John Bohrer/Huffington Post)

Don’t Try This At Home

One of my favorite authors won’t be doing very much writing for a while because he mangaged to burn down his office last week.

Fantasy writer David Eddings, 75, said he was using water to flush out the gas tank of his broken-down Excalibur sports car, when some fluid leaked. In a lapse of judgment he readily admitted, Eddings lit a piece of paper and threw into the puddle to test if it was still flammable. The answer came in an orange torrent.
Eddings said his intention to was to prevent a fire – he was afraid to leave a tank full of gasoline in a car that had gone kaput – but instead he did the opposite.

“One word comes to mind,” the renowned wordsmith said as he stood in a pajama shirt and slippers. “Dumb.”

Why doesn’t this stuff happen to Michael Crichton?

Apparently the car didn’t survive either. Sniff.