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I’d like to introduce you to someone who commented on a couple of my posts. I asked her if she’d like me to do a profile of her so here goes.

Freckles is a 14 15 year old polit-blogger from Texas. She also has a lot of reasons for blogging; she is directly involved in almost every political controversy I can think of Iraq, economics, and I don’t know maybe even immigration. She is in Texas after all. What might surprise you is that she leans left and not right.

I had occasion today to spend some time arguing about the war with an air force captain today, and it was fascinating! At first he thought I was just a stupid kid, then I think he thought I was a stupid liberal. But by the end he said that about half my arguments were balanced, and that while he didn’t have time for left wing conspiracy theories, he would read material I sent him if it was from a real newspaper and not from a blog. A huge victory in my opinion.

I’ll start her story not with her, but with the war in Iraq. As the situation in Iraq started to go south, Bush needed more and more soldiers. Since not enough people were volunteering to go overseas and extend the interests of civilisation and Haliburton, the reserves were called up in increasing numbers.

Normally this probably wouldn’t be a major issue for a fourteen fifteen year old. Unfortunately Freckles mother has what is euphemistically called a ‘substance abuse problem;’ a problem Freckles names more directly – her mother is an addict. This landed Freckle’s mother in prison and Freckles in a rather untenable situation. Fortunately, in Texas, blood runs thicker than water and her older brother stepped in to support her, accepting legal guardianship. This had the advantage of keeping the family together and Freckles in her accustomed environment.

Oh, but remember that Bush thing and the reserves? Yeah, that part comes in here. Freckles brother is a corporal in the Army Reserves and was scheduled to be sent to Iraq. Despite her brother having legal guardianship, Freckles was once again looking at living in a foster home. And that’s were her political interests kicked in. As a long time listener of Air America, she called in a couple of times explaining the problem.

One thing led to another and she got some help from other listeners who, for example suggested she write to her congressional representative. (And no, that person wasn’t the dearly departed Vlad Shelly). Freckles wrote and her brother managed to get assigned not to Ramallah, but to a base in Texas. There is an old Arab proverb. Hell wasn’t bad enough so Allah made Mesopotamia and added flies. I don’t know if there is an Arab proverb about Texas. In this case it would have to be positive. I wonder if the reserves gives health care in a situation like this?

Her Air America connections also got her into blogging. She also started blogging. Not the usual MySpace or Blogspot teen angst blogs, she got recruited by the political blog Powers & Morrison. Now she does her own left of center blogging in an arena most people don’t manage after years of scribbling.

And the best part is that Freckles makes a real splash. She’s smart; writes well; she really tries to understand issues; and, I get the impression, would desperately like to learn to change the world. What can you say about a 14 15 year old who has Helen Thomas as her rolemodel? (Me, I’d probably pick Jon Steward and I have several decades on Freckles.)

If you’re interested, you can listen to Freckles tell some of her story during a radio call in last summer. Whether you listen to her or not, I would definitely recommend reading her blog, Political Teen Tidbits.

Sometimes you need to push the good. I hope Freckles has a long and illustrious career in blogging, journalism, politics or whatever she ends up doing. She certainly has an excellent start.

So why don’t you go over and say hi to Freckles personally.

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  1. frecklescassie on

    Thanks so much, but I am 15 now!

    Also, it was the people at P&M that got me into blogging in the first place.

    My blog post from last night answers the question about health care.



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  3. Teresa on


    I’ll give you props on my blog as well, AnomalousData. I’m not bloggrolled at any “A-list blogs like Ben here…but it might help a bit.

  4. blc303 on

    Freckles, I was glad to do it. If I had been as clever and tough as you are at your age, I might have actually accomplished something. Not just being an anonymous eclectic. 😉

    Trees, you’re not going to let me live that down are you?

  5. Teresa on


    Sorry, it’s just good-natured sour grapes. A friendly sort of left-handed expression of a mixture of jealousy and admiration. Take it as a compliment.

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