One Quail Is Worth Two Bushes

Gee, this is potentially explosive. After the pre-Christmas graphic novel, one might have thought that the NRA had shot its load. Not quite. Land Lobsters

It seems the NRA members, those intrepid defenders of liberty and fighters of hairy-legged eco-terrorists, are pressuring for a little distance to the Bush administration. Blaine Harden (you can’t make these names up) of The Washington Post reported on Sunday,

After years of close association with the Republican Party and hard-nosed opposition to federal land-use regulation, the National Rifle Association is being pressured by its membership to distance itself from President Bush’s energy policies that have opened more public land for oil and gas drilling and limited access to hunters and anglers.

“The Bush administration has placed more emphasis on oil and gas than access rights for hunters,” said Ronald L. Schmeits, second vice president of the NRA, a member of its board of directors and a bank president in Raton, N.M.

The new emphasis on the issue of access to public lands, which Schmeits said is at the “discussion” level among the NRA’s directors, would represent a strategic shift for the NRA, whose leadership in Washington has long maintained that its 4 million members were not complaining or even asking questions about access to public lands.

The article goes on to mention that the NRA isn’t really doing all that well themselves. In what is apparently a mentally “politically challenging time” for the NRA, they are under (verbal) fire from the very base they claim to support, the hunters. The WP article continues,

“The core, the dream, the passion that drives gun ownership is hunting and getting out on the wide open spaces,” said a senior gun company executive who did not want to be quoted by name for fear of retribution from the NRA. “In the same way the Bush administration has overreached on Iraq, the NRA has overreached on gun rights. We are losing our grip on this green environmental thing.”

Careful readers of this blog will realise that the whole “green environmental” grip is totally in the claws of the dreaded jihadist land-lobsters and terrorist owls. But I do find it refreshing that it is a gun company executive giving the Post part of the back story. He did however have to remain nameless. Wouldn’t want to end up like a deer on Dick Cheneys front lawn, would he?

I admit, there were really only two reasons for this post. The first was to show the wonderfully neo-Nazi-classical image from the pre-Christmas NRA scare pamphlet and the second to give Moxiegrrl a huge hat tip for this tidbit.

But I still can’t help thinking. Is one bagged Quail worth more than a Bush in the White House? Maybe we should ask Dick Cheney… or Dan Q.

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