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Riverbend of BagdadBurning has a couple of new posts up and, as always, they are worth reading. One is more of a summary of the year the second deals with Saddam’s execution and CNN’s misreporting. But Especially chilling is her description of the past year,

2006 has been, decidedly, the worst year yet. No- really. The magnitude of this war and occupation is only now hitting the country full force. It’s like having a big piece of hard, dry earth you are determined to break apart. You drive in the first stake in the form of an infrastructure damaged with missiles and the newest in arms technology, the first cracks begin to form. Several smaller stakes come in the form of politicians like Chalabi, Al Hakim, Talbani, Pachachi, Allawi and Maliki. The cracks slowly begin to multiply and stretch across the once solid piece of earth, reaching out towards its edges like so many skeletal hands. And you apply pressure. You surround it from all sides and push and pull. Slowly, but surely, it begins coming apart- a chip here, a chunk there.

That is Iraq right now. The Americans have done a fine job of working to break it apart. This last year has nearly everyone convinced that that was the plan right from the start. There were too many blunders for them to actually have been, simply, blunders. The ‘mistakes’ were too catastrophic. The people the Bush administration chose to support and promote were openly and publicly terrible- from the conman and embezzler Chalabi, to the terrorist Jaffari, to the militia man Maliki. The decisions, like disbanding the Iraqi army, abolishing the original constitution, and allowing militias to take over Iraqi security were too damaging to be anything but intentional.

The question now is, but why? I really have been asking myself that these last few days. What does America possibly gain by damaging Iraq to this extent? I’m certain only raving idiots still believe this war and occupation were about WMD or an actual fear of Saddam.

Al Qaeda? That’s laughable. Bush has effectively created more terrorists in Iraq these last 4 years than Osama could have created in 10 different terrorist camps in the distant hills of Afghanistan. Our children now play games of ‘sniper’ and ‘jihadi’, pretending that one hit an American soldier between the eyes and this one overturned a Humvee.

I really do understand the sentiment. But I would still beg to disagree.

No, I don’t believe that George W. Bush and his cohorts actually planned this. Madness and mayhem are hard to plan. It was a stubborn insistence that things weren’t out of control coupled with a complete lack of realistic information, a plan or perhaps even a grasp on reality.

Not that Bush couldn’t have gotten the information but that he chose not seek it. He makes it a point to make sure people around him are on his side. By doing that he makes sure that any information reaching him is filtered, subtly or otherwise. Stupid? Yes. Criminally negligent? Yes. Planned? I doubt it.

But in looking for possible reasons for the invasion Riverbend hits two very important points. Something that is key to remember. First, although by all accounts I have read, Al Qaeda wasn’t anywhere near Iraq before the war, the conflict has spawned a completely new generation of terrorists. Those that hate America and those that choose to use the war against America to foment other aims. The second important point is that she sees an entire generation of children growing up learning, viscerally, that America is the enemy. This has nothing to do with global politics. It’s just people trying to live their lives day in and day out and kids seeing who the bad guy is. The bad guy is the one who makes mother cry.

Riverbend sounds tired, I’m sure the whole country is tired. More tired than any American with the exception of the troops she would so like to see leave and especially more tired than any American talk show pundit, right or left. The Iraqi people just want the violence and the killing to stop. They’d like to get off George Bush’s carousel but they can’t stop it. They certainly didn’t start it.

Perhaps most depressing is the contrast between how she wrote a couple of years ago and the tone of the posts now. The difference just makes me sad. My heart goes out to her. Spend sometime on her page and think about the mistakes the administration is making. Rumsfeld has been sent into retirement – the people whose land he destroyed are just plain tired and many will never live that long.


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    Iam so sorry for riverbend wish all of us could do something maybe the new election hope it changes alot of things.

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