Whoa There Little Doggie

In other news, Speigel-Online (German) is reporting that the Segway has been banned in Holland.

The countries police have, until further notice, banned the use of the amazing vehicle on public streets.

The reason: the Segway doesn’t have any brakes. At least none that can be defined as brakes, the Segway is turned and accelerated by the rider shifting weight. In order to brake, you simply lean back. A moped, and that is how the Dutch law classified the Segway, has to have brakes. Until this dilemma is solved and the appropriate regulations changed, Segways, of which there are several hundred in the land of Tulips, may not be used. With the exception of course on private property. Like Amsterdam’s main airport Schiphol where the military police use Segways to patrol the concourses. [my translation]

I’d hate to think how they’d classify a jetpack

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