WordPress didn’t like me this week. I wasn’t able to post anything at all and only as of today am I  able to post. Unfortunately, now that I can write, I don’t have much time to the end until after the holidays. I also don’t have anything left to write.

Since I couldn’t write, I got scooped by Blondsense on the whole dead deer in front of Cheney’s house story.  (Wonkette got informed first, but they always get the story first.)  I really don’t have the energy to say anything about Bush’s push to put more troops in Iraq even if the military says it’s not a good idea. Of course why doesn’t Bush simply contract a private army to control Iraq? Oh yeah, he puts them in detention centers.

Even Danny and Nina found a new home. Despite the best efforts of Ehrensenf (with subtitles!) and Rocketboom it wasn’t Plano, Texas. It wasn’t even Eden Prarie. (According to Ehrensenf it was Denver but the page is down now.)

Thus, I wish all a happy Holiday/Christmas/Chunaka/Kwanzaa. See you next week.  A good night to all and to all a good night.

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