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Intelligent Anniversaries

With December 20th approaching – the anniversary of the decision in the Dover Intelligent Design case – the Discovery Institute is once again trying to get traction by attacking the ruling by Judge John Jones III. This time they are trying to get him for copying parts of his ruling from the ACLU finding of fact.

I won’t tear the arguments apart. I’ll leave that to Ed Brayton, someone does a much finer job than I could. But I would like to repeat the money quote from the Pennsylvania York Dispatch article. It comes for Witold Walczak from the Pennsylvania ACLU who was on the legal team that showed just how unintelligent ID really is.

“They’re getting no traction in the scientific world so they’re trying to do something … as a PR stunt to get attention,” said Witold Walczak, legal director for the ACLU of Pennsylvania and the ACLU’s lead attorney on the case.

“That’s not how scientists work,” he said. “Discovery Institute is trying to litigate a year-old case in the media.”

Walczak said the Discovery Institute staff is not, as it claims, interested in finding scientific truths; it is more interested in a “cultural war,” pushing for intelligent design and publicly criticizing a judge.

“Why don’t these guys go back to their ‘labs,’ and do something meaningful?” Walczak asked. “Oh, wait. They don’t have labs. Silly me.”

I love it. “They don’t have labs. Silly me.” And I thought lawyers were supposed to mince words. Perfect!

Have a happy anniversary. The anniversary of an excellent judicial step forward.