Jes’ Plano Texas

Some things just aren’t meant to be.

Despite long term campaigning, the German video blog Ehrensenf (German) seems be have failed in its attempt in trying to relocate two American twenty-somethings.

Danny and Nina, two slightly dissatisfied New York youth , obviously enamored in the idea of Web 2.0, have decided to relocate. Since they weren’t sure where they wanted to live. they created a web page and asked the world to vote.

Although we have only been a couple for a little over three years, both of us had already lived in New York City for a good chunk of time when we met. After spending about eight years in Brooklyn, Nina was ready for a change of scenery, and when Danny moved on from a very demanding job the timing was perfect for a relocation.

Unfortunately, we had trouble deciding on where exactly we should move, not because we couldn’t think of any places we would like to live, but because there were too many places we thought we would enjoy. That’s when we had the idea of turning things over to you!

Here is how it works: we’ve compiled a list of 250 towns across the continental United States and we want you to vote for where we should live. You can vote as many times as you’d like for any combination of towns you like. Once a town receives 1,000,000 votes, we are going to move to that town for at least once year. Our lives are literally in your hands.

Things went slowly until Ehrensenf found the page and asked viewers to vote for an appropriate city. Of course being a rather snarky site, the Germans looked for a city name that screams boredom. Thus the town chosen wasn’t Eden Prairie, the ‘best city in American’ but instead Ehrensenf chose Plano, Texas.

I have been unable to determine the origin of the name of Plano. It is impossible to determine if the name is truly geometrically founded or simply short for Plain ol’ (i’s, l’s and apostrophes being a Texan anathema). The true story is probably lost in the mists of time.

Things went well for the 2006 German attempt to conquer convert influence American youth. Votes accumulated, things were looking good. Sadly not quite good enough. Now the imperialist American media has gotten wind of the story and the Germans are losing.

Thus I ask you, my readers, to support this attempt to put Plano on the map. Poor unknown Texas, poor unknown Plano (9th largest city in Texas). So vote for Plano. Vote quickly,  vote often. I beg you.

Support this a plain ol’ German attempt to relocate American youth.


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  1. Teresa on


    Eden Prairie is so…

    …Minnesota “nice”.

  2. blc303 on

    Fine Trees, you get a pass. Go ahead. Start the Eden Prairie platform.

  3. Anomalous Data on

    For duty, honor and city

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