God Only Knows

This is just a shout out to the likely disappointed Ugandian who found my blog with the google search ‘Miracles from God that happened in 2006.’

God only knows why my blog is 5th in the list for that. Could this be a sign?


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  1. The Blacksheep on

    I have been blessed with the spirit of the Holy Ghost and Godz Grace just grows daily!

  2. blc303 on

    Congragulations. While I can’t follow you where you are, I would be more inclined to follow this.

    Rebecca Watson put it best

  3. The Blacksheep on

    Godz Grace is amazing and it grows like nothing ever planted and sprouts many mysterious ways!

  4. blc303 on

    Hi Sheep!

    You came back to visit. Isn’t that just darling?

  5. Teresa on


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