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The WanderingScribe (aka Anya Peters) has finally finished her book.

WanderingScribe is a woman who, after a number of setbacks in her life, ended up living in her car at the end of a forest lane in England. Her position looked fairly hopeless until she started blogging – to have a verbal outlet, to document the process she was going through and to find the company she so desperately needed but was unable to accept in person.

One thing led to another and she was featured on the BBC (with a follow-up), Le Monde and in a New York Times audio feature. This lead to her to getting a book deal with Harper Collins and finally gave her the path out of her lane and back into an apartment and back into society. The BBC article describes the blog and its following very succinctly.

It’s often powerfully written, giving a human face to anonymous suffering, talking about her childhood, her sense of rejection and her struggle to regain her confidence and self-respect.

There is also a close-up view of the daily struggle of homelessness – the fears of sleeping in her car, her small victories in keeping warm, how she cleans her hair in hospital showers and gets discount food in staff canteens.

This blog has produced its own regular readership – people who e-mail when its author doesn’t post the next instalment. And she says that the blog has become an attempt to “keep me sane, and in a way to start to reach out”.

I am sure, were her writings confused or had contained even half the grammatical errors I tend to make, she might never have gotten anywhere. But WanderingScribe is an obviously intelligent, well educated individual who spent several months last year – months that now must seem like a nightmare – living in a car somewhere in England. Not because she wasn’t good enough for anything else, not because she wasn’t smart enough, or because she wasn’t educated enough, but because her inner demons chose not to let her live anywhere else. She is an example of the illusion of a meritocracy so wonderfully taught and nurtured in western societies.

I hope working through this book has helped her dispel some of the monsters in her soul. Perhaps if the book is (at least partially) successful, she can finally lay them permanently to rest. I would recommend reading her blog and I know that I, for one, will definitely be reading the book. You can sign up for advance information about the book here.

Congratulations WanderingSettledScribe. May all your future lanes lead not to forests but to happiness.

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  1. Obviously a fake.

  2. blc303 on

    What exactly leads you, in your overwhelming omnipotence, to believe that?

    Because she is literate?
    Because she owns a car?
    Because she chose to reach out?

    If you think the whole thing was a publicity stunt, designed to get her attention, how exactly did she manage that? How did she manage to get her blog so popular if it was all just staged?

    If getting blogs interesting was that easy, wouldn’t a blog have been safer than spreading flashing-light/fake-bomb dummy’s about the greater Boston metropolitan area. Viral marketing in blogs isn’t a very good way to go.

    Her blog was found and read by a number of readers. That led to further articles. Your blog and your life seem less in order, leading to the feeling that you must pursue and troll this individual.

    Just how much time have you spent helping the homeless? Are all homeless undereducated drunks, the dregs of society? Or are there homeless who just can’t handle social complexities today?

    As much as I salute Ms Peters, I pity you Sir. I pity you for your narrow-minded intolerance.

  3. Anya Peters [ed:No it's a Troll] on

    Read the facts.
    Read ’em and think.

    She relies on gullible people like you to boost her own ego.

    So sad……

    Big Care in the Community Hugs …..


  4. Teresa on

    Hey Ben,

    How weird is it that this person is stalking Wandering Scribe through your blog? Talk about misplaced aggression.

  5. blc303 on

    Yeah, I know. *sigh*

    I could delete the stuff. But he seems to enjoy it. I’ll just start pointing out that he isn’t who he claims to be. Just a sad, sad person.

    But hey, even trolls have to feed.

  6. Bless you poppet.

    Trolls live under bridges whereas I am here, standing loud and proud, telling the world about the con.

    There will always be some people who you just can’t convince that black is black and white is white.
    That’s why we have social workers. 🙂

    Great Big caring hugsss…..

    Anya Peters aka Wanderingscribe (Yes it is) [ed: No it’s a Troll]

  7. Teresa on


    You gotta give the guy credit for both tenacity AND mendacity.

    Truly, if this level of devotion could be given to de-bunking the claims of the Bush administration, or solving global warming or debating creationists, or “dealing with” the Sylvia Brown sickness we would live in a much better world.

    As it is, we are stuck with the drivelings of a man obsesssed with destroying a single solitary woman who wrote a blog and a book that inspires generosity of spirit and compassion in people.

    It DOES make one a little sad, doesn’t it?

    And he’s an anonymous coward to boot.

  8. blc303 on


    To be honest, I would prefer his spending his energy and lack of intelligence in a dank cave, scribbling his attack comments on my blog than have him out and about and actually interacting with people.

    I’m sure the world is better with people like him doing whatever it is that keeps him doing it.

    Perhaps it is a bizzare new experiment by the neocons to discredit the liberals. He is just one of the first guinea pigs.

  9. Teresa on

    I’m thinking spurned admirer turned obsessed stalker.

  10. beverley on

    Home Street Home”
    A Grounded Theory Analysis of Homelessness, Survival and Identity.

  11. Curious on

    Just wondering…how does a homeless person living in a car get a computer to blog?? Does she have DSL in the woods?

  12. blc303 on

    Just answering.
    She used either the library or internet cafés. But of course to know that, one would need to read her blog from the beginning. The very first entry actually.

    As a matter of fact, libraries are a very important part of the lives of many homeless. CuriousYou might read this about the background of the issue in America.

    But real the question is whether you are curious; or merely distainfully skeptical?

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