Don’t Feed The Homeless In Las Vegas…

…because they might save a life.

The mayor of Las Vegas has a campaign going to try to get the homeless off the streets of Las Vegas. He is trying to change an immutable fact of nature that some people can’t handle the pressures of everyday life. They may not react correctly to everyday situations. But sometimes they react to the extraordinary ones in a manner no one could have predicted.

The AP story via the The Napa Valley Register

[Stan Washburn] saw the 9-year-old girl, who had been waiting across the street with an older woman, suddenly run into the street, straight into the path of a late model Cadillac, Washburn said Monday.

Brakes screamed. So did the older woman. Washburn is sure he could hear the girl, who was being dragged under the car, yelling “No.”

By 2:31 p.m., he and a few inebriated, frail friends picked up the massive car that had trapped the girl under its carriage.

The local station KLAS-TV continues

Half a dozen men lifted the car off of her and set it over to the side. The little girl’s still body came to life. “Yeah, she started crying, like I guess she couldn’t breathe that well and she started crying when they lifted up the car,” said Nicholas Blevins.

Corbin says it took about a minute, but it wasn’t easy, “we didn’t think about that at all, we just grabbed and he put his hand and we just picked it up and thank God whoever was under it is still living.” Corbin says he is unemployed and penniless, but knowing he may have saved a life is all the pay off he needs. “When the ambulance got here, she was still living and that is my money right there.”

Without their help, paramedics would have had to wait precious moments for firefighters to extract the girl before getting her to the hospital. “I am really proud of everyone who stopped. North Las Vegas gets kind of a bad rap sometimes, but everybody stops and helps,” says Ramirez.

Remember, the Las Vegas mayor wants to make it illegal to help the homeless outside of shelters. He would like to get them off the streets. His motives are understandable.

In this case his policies might have resulted in the death of a nine year old child.

(Hat Tip:Kevin Barbieux/TheHomelessGuy)


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  1. Political.Asylum on

    We at the Sarcastic Idiocy Forum believe that if we can increase the overall amount of cheese, we can avoid homelessness. It’s science, with a dash of economics, and just a sprinkle of religion on top.

  2. Teresa on

    Well, THAT’S stupid. I followed the link above and you have to log in to see anything. Like I need to register for another site. Sheesh.

  3. blc303 on

    Maybe that’s the key to their sarcasim. Fortunately they are so sarcastic, they will only allow sarcasticly appropriate members in.

    I feel we should leave them among the sarcastic idiots. Perhaps that is where they belong.

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