Two Years Left And NOW They Get It

After several years of managing to absolutely mangle any attempts at foreign policy with North Korea, the American government is taking an new tact. Deny the North Korean elite those trappings of power they have, I am sure, so appropriately earned. The Washington Post, in one of the snarkier articles they have written lately, reports this morning that the US and other countries, in addition to banning the export of weapons and nuclear technology to the maladjusted Southeast Asian nation, will limit the delivery of many luxury items.

The U.S. list of more than 60 items reads like a letter to Santa from the dictator who has everything. Yachts, water scooters, race cars, motorcycles, even station wagons and Segways won’t be crossing the border this season. There shall be no more DVD players and televisions larger than 29 inches for the man whose film library of 20,000 titles betrays a yen for Bond and Rambo.

Kim’s former chef has written that the man known as “Dear Leader” fancies sushi, Iranian caviar and shark-fin soup. He is said to have every grain of rice inspected for perfection. But he won’t be served any of it on American china, which is on the list. After dinner, he often enjoys a glass of fine cognac — so the United States put lead crystal and liquor on the list, too.

The U.N. resolution also freezes North Korean accounts in foreign banks that could be used to fund the weapons program. And it prohibits international travel by officials involved in the nuclear-weapons program and their families. That is ostensibly more bad news for Kim Jong Il’s then-29-year-old son Kim Jong Nam, detained several years ago in Japan while reportedly trying to travel to Tokyo Disneyland on a forged Dominican passport.

So, instead of sending troops and tanks, we limit the delivery of tobacco and Topless Teens 27. Gee. What a good idea. I wonder who thought of that? It was obviously the fearless leader, Kim Il-Jong George W. Bush.

Forget the Baker commission, forget the failures in Iraq, forget the Medicare mistakes, this administration has a course. We’ll be getting Kim back in bikini form in no time. He was looking just a bit pudgy. I just can’t wait; be still my beating heart.

What comes next; no technical cooperation to improve safety at the IR-40 heavy water reactor under construction near Arak fruit cake for Ahmadinejad?

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