And The Haunting Continues

My ‘favorite’ Nazi Hate Song Folk Singers/Girl Band Prussian Blue are at it again. Actually Lamb and Lynx Gaede aren’t doing anything, it’s their ‘loyal’ following of bloodhounds.

According to the Missoula Independent, the person who pointed out the wonderful new neighbors who had moved to Kalispell, didn’t realize what she was getting into. In order to reduce the amount of Google traffic for the family, I will redact the name out of the following report from the Independent.

Rebecca KM had no idea what she was getting into.

On Aug. 31, she and a group of her south Kalispell neighbors distributed flyers on their street calling attention to the Gaedes, a family that had moved into the new subdivision. April Gaede and her twin 14-year-old daughters, Lamb and Lynx, had been the subject of a recently aired feature on ABC’s newsmagazine “Primetime.” April is a member of National Vanguard, a group that advocates against race mixing and for white separatism. Her daughters’ band, Prussian Blue, sings songs glorifying Nazis and National Vanguard politics.

The flyers KM and her neighbors passed out read “NO HATE HERE” on the front, with a letter on the back explaining the Gaedes’ politics. Local media covered the event, and since then, KM and other families say they have gotten a frightening response.

The radical right-wing decided that “NO HATE HERE” amount to fighting words and have started threatening the families involved. Somehow they just don’t get the message.  ‘Spricht ihr eigentlich überhaupt Englisch?’ might be the correct question.

It gets worse. An older couple with a similar name to KM have also gotten hate mail and death threats. They had nothing to do with the original actions but now probably understand the point behind it. Sadly the Neo-Nazi, white supremacists can’t keep their attention span up long enough to remember a two part name. Thus they threatened a family who had nothing to do with the whole affair except the similarity to the second part of KM’s name.

Congratulations Lamb. Nice job Lynx. You should be as proud of your fan base as you are of yourselves. I wonder if your attention spans match your audience’s?

In the meantime, I’d like to say that I respect and support the work that KM and all of her neighbors have done. One ray of sunshine in an otherwise clouded Montana sky. Keep up the good work!

And Kalispell Police Chief Frank Garner – you keep those folks safe, y’hear! Safe from bloodhounds, ghosts and Gaedes!

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