Not Naomi’s Seal

While he might be as aggressive as Naomi Campbell, the seal or sea lion ‘terrorizing’ swimmers in San Fransisco doesn’t sing; he bites. I was going to blog this last week but I was hoping for further information.

There is a slightly grumpy sea lion or seal at the Aquatic Park in San Francisco. He didn’t like the idea of all the human swimmers in his lagoon and started biting; not once or twice, but somewhere between 14 and 20 swimmers (reports differ). According to CBS5 the Aquatic Park Lagoon was closed last week.

San Francisco’s Aquatic Park Lagoon remained closed for swimming Thursday [November 16, 2006,] due to reports of a sea lion repeatedly biting local swimmers, maritime officials said.

Officials estimated at least 20 swimmers were bitten since Monday, including 13 on Wednesday alone at the Lagoon, which hosts two swimming and rowing clubs and is a favorite spot for swimming along San Francisco’s northern waterfront.

No one serious injuries were reported. City health officials aren’t recommending rabies shots, but victims were advised by the Marine Mammal Center to take antibiotics to ward off infection.

The San Fransisco Chronicle reported that he (or she) had gone underground – um – water as of Friday.

The California sea lion that bit swimmers this week at San Francisco’s Aquatic Park Lagoon didn’t return Thursday, according to National Park officials.

And representatives of the Dolphin Club and the South End Rowing Club said none of their members who ignored a ban and went swimming Thursday reported any bites or bumps Thursday.

This is my kind of animal story. One lone sea lion making a name for himself. Telling people he wants the lagoon for himself. If he were human, he’d be getting calls to go on the morning shows. All he needs is an agent; in California that can’t be all that hard to find. just hope he’s moved on, has found an appropriate harem and is moving on to his winter quarters.

Good luck little guy – I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. But I would decline an offer to go swimming with you.


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