The Zen of Ironing

I am one of those weird individuals who can get enjoyment out of braindead activities. Like Ironing.

I actually spend time shopping for things to make my ironing experience more pleasurable. Good videos or music to accompany ironing, a comfortable ‘bar stool/thing to semi sit-on while ironing’, a first class ironing board and most importantly a good iron.

Slate has a  review of irons.  The German version of my iron, the Rowenta Advancer Iron, came in second.

This is the iron that serious ironers—the Ironistas, if you will—breathlessly recommend. “Have you tried a Rowenta?” they cry. “Oh, you simply must!” 

Mr. Ironista (shouldn’t that be Ironisto) – that’s me.

If you hate ironing. Spend some time with it. Get to know it. Trash those un-iron-albe shirts – you know the ones, with the neverending fold problem. Find a good place and good music. Get the best equipment you can afford. Make it a challenge – iron by the clock.

Ironing takes no brains, just time. Thus it frees your concousness to roam and create new and better things while doing it.

Center yourself and go find the Zen of Ironing.


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  1. Teresa on

    No, no, no…FOLDING is the zen laundry practice.

    Ironing is an invention of Satan.

    Ironing requires that a person stay in one place, tethered to the wall by an electrical cord, boxed in by ironing board, and laundry basket.

    Folding, on the other hand, can be done sitting, standing, pacing, alowing for the variation and flexibility of movement required by the truly active mind.

  2. blc303 on

    No, no, no… FOLDING is the apple in the serpents mouth.

    I have NEVER be able to get a decent fold holding something up and shake, shake, shake – voilá – perfectly folded T-shirt. I always have to have some flat surface. My ironing board.

    Folding – blech! Out out damn crease! 😉

  3. Teresa on

    Truly, you are unrepentant and doomed.

    At least, you bring your own hot iron to the eternal pit.

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