And He Didn’t Even Call Back!

Some people have interesting lives.

One of those people is Julia Allison, who apparently briefly dated Senator candidate and current Congressman Harold Ford Jr. She does sum up the relationship nicely

As I said in a previous interview, he’s a politician.  After living in DC for almost five years, I would contend that they’re all douchebags, every one of them – Harold’s no more douchebaggy or less douchebaggy than any of the others.  I make an exception for Barack Obama, whom I worship slightly (how original, I know).

First, is douchebaggy a real word? Wouldn’t douchebagish be better?

But anyway. Ms. Allison now been named by the NRSC in a press release as the target of Harold Ford Jr.’s ‘nonexclusive courtship.’ Then she made Newsweek, then she was Wonkette-ed. Wow, she has a life.

Check out her side of the story. And her really cool pink ski pants!

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