Dana Milbank has a wonderful snark post about the forum on school violence moderated by President Bush on Tuesday. In a weird ‘Don’t Mention The War‘ moment, Bush managed not to utter the word ‘gun’ once.

President Bush has always been a disciplined man, but yesterday he set a new standard for self-control: He moderated an hour-long discussion about the rash of school shootings in the past week without once mentioning the word “guns.”

First lady Laura Bush was nearly as good, giving a seven-minute speech at yesterday’s White House Conference on School Safety without mentioning guns. Two longtime aides, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, deftly led hours of panels at the National 4-H building in Chevy Chase with only a few glancing references to weapons.

This was no misfire. The White House, hastily arranging yesterday’s forum to react to shootings over the past fortnight at schools in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin and Missouri, neglected to invite any gun-control advocates. In fact, how the killers had carried out their deeds might have remained a mystery if 19-year-old twin brothers Theo and Niko Milonopoulos hadn’t infiltrated the gathering.

This is one of the reasons I don’t live in America anymore. I understand owning guns. I also know that there is absolutely no easy or, to be honest,  fair way of solving the problem. Unfortunately, what happens in every American election cycle is that the problem is ignored or politicians offer platitudes. Between elections, the issue is swept under the rug as long as there aren’t any major shootings and the NRA and other gun ownership lobbyists work their magic in Washington the rest of the time. 

George W. Bush is an expert in the technique of misdirection and the issue of gun control is no different. Well – Bush is a political expert if not exactly a verbal virtuoso.

[…] He labeled the violence “inexplissible,” apparently merging “inexplicable” and “inexpressible.” And he had to guide the discussion away from one panelist’s remark about “computer predators” — a dangerous topic during the Mark Foley scandal.

Thus, I remain – Inexplissibly Yours

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