Heads Up: Foreign Policy Bomb

Blue Girl In A Red State has an excellent synopsis of the Korean nuclear issue. Please go read her post.

If you don’t follow these things, it is definitely worth the read. She dots the i’s and crosses the t’s in how the US got into this mess. She also has the bottom line.

The agreement struck in exchange for North Korea entering the NNPT  [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty] was known as the Agreed Framework. I wanted to link to the State Department Agreed Framework page, but it has been taken down.

The Agreed Framework was struck in 1994, and held until 2002. It fell because Bush withdrew American support. The first LWR [light water reactor, the US was supposed to build two in NK,] never went on-line. Fuel oil shipments stopped. And North Korea fired up the Plutonium – Graphite Core reactor, kicked the IAEA inspectors out and pulled the spent fuel rods out of the cooling pond where they had been secured and under IAEA seal.

The path Bush chose to pursue was stupid, but it was also deliberate.

What happened in Korea, whether the test was successful or not, was a direct reaction to George W. Bush’s policy mistakes in the last four years.

If Bush ever had a coherent strategy – it bombed.

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