Quicky: Nun Brokered Electro-Shock Batons

No I haven’t been watching really strange Internet pornos, just reading the New Statesman.

A few months ago I watched a 16-year-old schoolgirl, Ellie, from Oxford, phone a tank manufacturer in Romania. Ellie was part of a group of British students who formed their own arms company and ran it once a week at lunchtime. 

“I want to chat to someone about a tank,” she said. “What kind of tank?” asked an uncertain eastern European voice.

“A TR-85 M1.”

“You want a price?”

“Yes, that would be great.”

A month later and Ellie’s arms company was quoted a guide price of 2.5m for the tank (CD players and cup holders are extra).

I would have expected the CD players to be included but that’s probably just me. Thanks to NoahShachtman/ DefenseTech you too can enjoy the humorous side of arms dealing.

On the one hand, teenage arms dealing is probably better then a career in porn (or as a Congressional page). But on the other hand, while reading the article, I couldn’t help thinking that arms dealing seems to be a really easy way to make money…

Hmm… Do I know any nuns? 

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  1. Teresa on

    ““What kind of tank?” asked an uncertain eastern European voice.”

    Oh sure, an arms dealer will balk at selling a tank to a sixteen-year-old girl, but apparently not about selling tanks to craven old men who will give the tanks to their armies to blow up sixteen-year-old girls.

    Well, I guess they should get a cookie for having SOME scruples.

  2. blc303 on

    I doubt he balked at selling the tank to a sixteen-year-old. He was just trying to figure out what he had in stock or could get his hands on.

    Happens all the time. You want, I sell. Whatever you want is whatever I sell.

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