Mail Problems?

It seems the GOP has gotten itself into yet another fine mess. Even after managing to waft off the Abramoff stench and managing to bait and switch that silly torture issue, somehow nothing is going quite right this election period.

Yes, I’m referring to the Mark Foley e-mail meltdown.

This would be bad enough if Foley hadn’t been co-chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children Caucus. It might have stopped with the major ick factor caused when someone finds out he only approached former pages. But as Justin Rood at TPM Muckrakcer very rightly asks “Why Wasn’t Foley Stopped?” Several outlets are reporting that this behaviour was known at high levels in the Republican party. Not only was it not stopped, the party allowed Foley to run in his Florida district. Thus, one can only assume this kind of behaviour is tacitly accepted at the highest levels of the GOP. The problem probably would have continued.

Now this should be something the Democrats can safely hammer on the next couple of weeks. But I doubt it will work. I wonder what the Republicans will use for the next shiny light attracting voters into deep, dark, murky, political waters.

Nevertheless, it seems the Republicans have some major good ol’ boy  homosexual e-mail problems.

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