Heads Up:On the Scent

Sharon Weinberger has an interesting post up at DefenseTech (and her own blog) outlining a DoD PR SNAFU. (Gotta love those acronyms.)

I was clearing out my in-box when I noticed this note: “EDITORS ALERT: The American Forces Press Service recalls the article titled “DoD Officials Urge Use of Non-lethal Weapons in Terror War” by Jim Garamone, published Sept. 27, 2006. The article contains inaccurate information and should not be used.”

Usually, news services correct innacurate information. The Armed Forces Press Service didn’t do this, however, they just withdrew the entire article from their site. The great thing about the Internet, however, is that the article lives on through other websites. I’ve attached the full article below.

The post and the update from Noah are both worth reading.

Remember those slippery ethical slopes? Good to know someone is following the scent of those chemical weapons.

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