Weird Weeks for the ACLU

Last week I got grumpy about the ACLU having issues with a general policy for testing for HIV. I’m sure you remember the amazingly arsine quote from the ACLU lawyer

Patients, particularly teenagers, she said, “will be tested without an opportunity for understanding the magnitude of having a positive result.” [like spreading AIDs?]

Yesterday, Teresa weighed in by pointing to a NYT article highlighting some of the less than intelligent recent moves made by ACLU honchos. From the original article comes:

In interviews, some members of the group behind the Web site pointed to internal controversies that have been made public, starting with an agreement that obligated the A.C.L.U. to check its staff against government lists of suspected terrorists to participate in the federal employees’ annual fund-raising drive known as the Combined Federal Campaign at the same time it was criticizing the lists.

Finally, Nick Matzke weighs in at Panda’s Thumb with the story of how the Discovery Institute attacking the ACLU for trying to get that Icon of Idiocy, Of Pandas and People banned from the Dover school library. As Nick clarifies in his Panda entry:

The word “library” does not appear in the Complaint. In fact, before the case was filed, I specifically recall that the ACLU (one of many participants in the case, a fact universally ignored by the ID propagandists) made sure that everyone involved on the plaintiffs’ side understood that we were not trying to ban Pandas from the library, because the ACLU doesn’t do that sort of thing. There is actually a body of law on school libraries and book banning, and, roughly speaking, school libraries can and should include a variety of works – science, religion, creationism, whatever. Public school libraries have a specific educational mission and their collection should be aimed at that (graduate level textbooks are not appropriate, nor a library with all creationism books and no science books), but this does not exclude having some creationist books.

Now having the ID-iot’s harping on about the ACLU is par for the course. I wouldn’t expect anything else.

But having Teresa and I slightly irritated amazes me. Bad press is bad press. But Bad Blogs? From liberals (or at least the liberalish?) For shame ACLU. Weird week.

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  1. Fundraiser on

    A few questions from a blog idiot

    How do you keep the spammers from eating you alive? i\’ve seen blogs with nothing but spam postings.

    How do you keep some left wing extremist from posting racist or defamatory rhetoric? and if you cant stop them, what are you legally liabel when they do?

    can viruses be posted to blogs?

  2. blc303 on

    Using WordPress has a really good anti-spam feature (See right hand column – Spam Blocked)

    I thought I was the left wing extremist posting racist and defamatory rhetoric. And yes I keep track of what shows up. I would kill it if something worrying came up.

    Finally, yes viruses can be posted to blogs. I have the feeling I’m answering one right now. (But dangerous ones that eat computers are a little more unlikely.) 😉

  3. Teresa on

    What a strange comment.

    How come YOU get all the really entertaining wackos?

  4. blc303 on

    I haven’t had any messages from Anne yet so what are you complaining about. 🙂

    But then again I suspect I go much farther afield in the things I snark about. You stick to the more -um- popular topics like religion and politics. I mix it up with themes like “code slaves” and “semicolon history”. My top two search key words today.

    That’s what delurks the interesting people. Good search topics.

  5. Teresa on

    I got some good ones, but for some reason, the numerous people who come to my blog from Google searches for things like “Wookie scrotums” or “Wilfred Brimley” or “Mutant Boobs” don’t stick around and comment.

    I suspect that they get to my blog and wonder how they got there.

    I kind of HAVE been hammering on religion and politics a bit much, huh? Maybe some more puppy posts, or a slice-of-life piece?

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