Russia losing the war on terror, demographically

Some journalists have the coolest foreign assignments.  At least that’s what you might think if the Telegraph’s Adrian Blomfield wasn’t reporting from Moscow but from Ulyanovsk:

The governor of a Russian province gave workers an afternoon off and told them to go home and multiply in the most direct attempt yet by officials seeking to tackle the country’s growing depopulation crisis.

Bureaucrats have been dreaming up ever more imaginative schemes to help reverse the trend ever since President Vladimir Putin identified Russia’s demographic crisis – caused in part by soaring levels of alcoholism – as the country’s biggest threat.

But few have been quite as blunt as Sergey Morozov, the governor of Ulyanovsk, a depressed region on the Volga.

Why hasn’t Bush thought of this to win the war in Iraq? Encourage the Iraqies to make babies instead of bombs. Can’t you see the PSA with ‘Big Dick’ Chaney?

 Hat Tip: Ehrensenf (German)

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