Anti-Déjà vu

I had a strange experience last night while shopping. I was waiting in the checkout line and had this really weird thought. I remembered the memory of never having seen the person in front of me. It was true. I had never seen the person before yesterday. 

But what caused this? Was it a thought and an anti-thought colliding and producing a feeling of unease and a couple of strange quirks? Sort of a mini black hole imploding in my mind, sucking down reality into a kind of mental event horizon? 

Or perhaps it was some mind-altering molecule that has lurked in my brain since a misspent youth, like some molecular sleeper cell waiting to attack some unsuspecting neuron. Did it have a little calendar, marking off the days until the finale? Perhaps it wore a little molecular kamikaze headband and prayed using miniscule incense sticks just prior to tossing itself into some vital thought process.

If déjà vu is the memory of something that couldn’t have happened previously, is anti- déjà vu the memory of something that hasn’t happened?

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